About Our Pastor

Our Pastor, Rev. Regina Earls

     Rev. Regina Earls has served the congregations of Butler African Methodist Episcopal Church and Greater Webster African Methodist Episcopal Church and is now the proud pastor of Vision of Hope African Methodist Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas.   

     She is an effective preacher who has a desire to see the people of God soar, compel the lost to seek Him, the bound to be free and the hopeless to become hopeful in Jesus Christ. She has a passion for teaching and anointed with the gift to inspire, challenge and provoke God’s people.  

     During her previous pastoral charge at Butler AME Church, she led the congregation in leveling the church building, collaborating with local organizations to help single mothers and provide food for those needing temporary assistance.   

She is a visionary not afraid to follow God as demonstrated in starting a Women’s Ministry at Sherman AMEC, the first in its history. Under her leadership, The Virtuous Women, experienced spiritual growth as 21st century needs and concerns were met for all categories of women in uplifting fellowships. Rev. Earls convened its first women’s conference with the Holy Spirit guiding the way and laying on her heart the theme “Staying Connected” and began the first Singles Ministry as well.

Rev. Earls was ordained an Itinerant Deacon by Bishop Gerald G.M. Ingram and in 2017 an Itinerant Elder by Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie and considers it a highlight in her ministry.

     Her education began in San Antonio, Texas where she graduated from Southwest High School. Upon graduation she attended Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. She later earned a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. In has earned a Master of Divinity Degree conferred by Payne Theological Seminary.

     Employed in the Judson Independent School District as a Special Education Coordinator, and counts it a privilege to be an educator and to serve students with special needs for over twenty years. She is the president of The Alamo District of Vocational Adjustment Coordinators and member of The Texas Association of Vocational Adjustment Coordinators.  

     She is the proud mother of two children, Mariah and Elijah, whom are supportive of their mother as she strives to walk in the call and anointing God has placed on her life.  

    She continues to trust in the Lord with all her heart and does not lean to her own understand but believes that if she acknowledges her Lord He shall direct her path.